Let Your Money
Work For You

Keep your exposure to ETH while
earning interest lending stablecoins

Stablecoin Lending APY
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Binance USD (BUSD)
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DAI Coin (DAI)

Earn Interest & Invest into Cryptocurrency

Smart Money for
Modern Investors

Use decentralized finance to make your money start working for you. In just a couple of minutes start earning between 5% to 20% APY without a third-party.

Keep Your Exposure to ETH
ETH is a valuable cryptocurrency that continues to rise in value. Keep your exposure to ETH by using it as collateral to withdraw stabletokens.
Earn Compounding Interest on Stablecoins
Earn interest (between 2% to 15%) on deposited stablecoins and generate recurring income using trusted decentralized finance products.
Automatically Swap Lending Positions
Easily swap between the highest yielding stablecoins lending positions in a single transaction. Markets move and you can easily follow.
Join the Decentralized Finance Future
Blockchain and decentralized finance applications empowers everyday users to be in control of their assets.

Hold CryptoEarn Realtime Interest

Decentralized Finance is emerging finance ecosystem. StableYield uses leading DeFi platforms to give you the power to easily start earning compounding interest on your assets.

The Future of
Money and Finance

Utilize emerging financial technologies to stay in control of your finances and have you money work for you.


Personal Loan

Keep your exposure to ETH and withdraw stablecoins (cryptocurrency pegged to 1 USD) to use for lending.



Deposit your digital assets and start earning compounding interest and a steady return.


Stablecoin Exchange

Low-cost stablecoin and wrapped Bitcoin transactions swaps for cost effective lending positions changes.